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Welcome to Buena Vista United Methodist Church, The Friendly Church.  We have been serving the city of Buena Vista, Georgia for over 150 years.  We share a commitment to make an impact in people’s lives through a shared vision of ministry and mission.  We invite you to worship with us and to share the love of Jesus Christ!

Please join us weekly for the following activities:

Sundays - 

Sunday School       10:00 am
Worship Service     11:00 am

Wednesdays - 
Choir Practice       6:30 pm
Prayer Meeting     7:00 pm

Thought for the Week
Imagine that you are in a huge room full of people. There are two doors, one at the back of the room, and one at the front. The door at the back is wide open, and if you were to go through it, you would fall into a deep, dark abyss. Now the door at the front of the room leads to a beautiful land of joy, love, and blissful peace. The problem is, the front door is locked. What's worse, the whole room is drastically tilted towards the back door, so eventually the law of gravity is going to have it's way and pull everyone into the abyss. Everyone is grasping and struggling to move towards that front door and get it open, or at the very least, to break even and just remain in the room, but they are only delaying the inevitable. Eventually, you and everyone else in the room is going to fall out the back door.

It may seem silly to imagine a scenario like this, but it is the spiritual reality that we are in. At least, it was the reality until the resurrection of Jesus. You see, all of us in this world are destined to die. We can struggle to keep living on earth, or we can try to inch our way towards heaven using our own power, but either way it is useless. We are all destined for the
eternal abyss if we do not claim the power of the resurrection. Whe
n Jesus conquered death, he not only leveled the room, but He threw the front door wide open. Our vain efforts to escape the abyss are no longer warranted. When we truly follow Him, He will lead us right through the door into an eternal land of glory.

Buena Vista United Methodist Church
130 North Broad Street Buena Vista, Georgia 31803
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